You may have made a New Year's resolution to get fit and to make sure that you visit the gym as often as possible going forward. You may be keeping up with this resolution very well but, unfortunately, may have been overdoing it on those free weights. This may have been holding you back for a couple of weeks now as you have some very painful and restrictive symptoms in your neck and upper back. You may have been trying to stretch as efficiently as possible, but you're not making much progress and may need to get some help. Why should you call a chiropractor who specialises in remedial massage to help put things right?

Hot and Cold

Your chiropractor will have a variety of different ways to help accelerate your recovery process and remedial massage is a favoured solution. As part of this approach, the expert may well introduce some additional 'tools,' including hot and cold stones.

You may have heard how hot and cold stones can be beneficial in a typical massage parlour, but you may not know that they can be used in a certain way to help fix symptoms, such as yours. You may need to schedule more than one visit to take full advantage of this approach, however, and should expect to allocate several hours at a time.

Beneficial Action

When hot stones are applied to the area in question, they will relax the muscles considerably as this will help to reduce the inflammation and reverse the compression. As your body will be more open, the chiropractor will then be able to access the crucial trigger points more effectively to help manipulate and improve.

Temperature Transitions

Once the hot stone session is complete, they will switch over to cold, and this transition is one of the best parts of the process. The temperature differential will help blood flow through the area quickly, and this will eliminate toxins that have built up and further improve the healing action. After all, hot and cold stones can significantly reduce inflammation and make it easier for the chiropractor to access the area to perform any corrections needed.

Making an Appointment

You need to take action if you are to get back to normal, let alone continue your exercise regimen. Therefore, talk with a chiropractor as soon as possible, to see if they can introduce hot and cold stones as part of a remedial massage approach.