If back pain has been ruining your life recently and you have finally decided to do something about it, you may be considering a visit to a chiropractor. If this is your first time visiting this particular type of expert, you will no doubt have many questions to ask before you make a booking. So, where should you start?

Exploratory Chats

Many people have reservations and this is understandable, although chiropractic care has been in the mainstream of treatment in this country for many years now. However, if you simply want to ask them questions first before making a commitment, ask if they will offer you a free consultation to start with, or whether an exploratory phone call first would help.


Have a look at their qualifications to see what type of training they have and whether it is specific to what is likely to be your particular condition. You will also want to see what type of technique they specialise in as there is no "one approach fits all" and forceful manipulation may not necessarily provide the relief that a gradual or gentle approach may.

Treatment Plans

You will of course want to know how long your treatment is likely to last. While it may be difficult for the chiropractor to tell you this prior to your first appointment, of course, it's certainly possible that you could find relief in just one visit.


Many chiropractic practices these days can offer other services in-house, or will be able to give good recommendations in any case. This may help in coordinating your particular care needs, especially if you need ongoing physical therapy or may need to make some dietary changes to see better results in the future.

Checking Licenses

In your state or territory, there may be a chiropractic licensing board that you can refer to for information regarding some of the experts you are considering. You can also check to see what level of education the individual practitioners enjoy at the same time.

Asking Others

Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations as you narrow down your choices. Talk to friends and family to see who they have used in the past, or pick up the phone and talk to your family doctor to get an expert's view at the same time.

Picking up the Phone

There is no need for you to endure back pain, lack of sleep and general malaise any longer than you have to, when relief could be close at hand. Make an appointment as soon as possible once you've finished your due diligence.